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iced out negus

This collection of sounds is designed to instill a feeling of complete and total detachment from any potentially disruptive thought waves. Enter the mind of an Icy Negus. Your chain dangles low as you gaze out across the vast frozen desert. Your journey was long, and this was not what you expected to find on the other side of time. There exists a strange familiarity on the chilled wind, like you've been here before. 

The year is 2053, as you walk down the bottled air isle of virtual Kmart your internal psy-chip malfunctions, allowing for a ghost signal from another dimension to interfere with your temporal feed. You reminisce of the early days of the internet as the temporal feed distorts and overlaps with this alternate reality. 

12/03/17 - .Feel
03/14/2018 - W A K E
Let your emotions drift to the bottom of the ocean while you set sail along the wake. These boosted bootlegs will open new gateways inside your mind. 

08/08/2018 - Gaijin Smash
They tried to steal our music and sell it back to us. The only solution was to make something they could not reverse engineer. Using primarily the EMX1, this soundscape is capable of destroying prejudiced perceptions of many kinds, including those regarding what music is, and the true nature of it's power.  
Phonons are the weapon,
Gaijin Smash the system. 

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