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It appears fate has brought us together.
Every choice you ever made led you to right here, right now, somehow, yet the answer is beyond reason. 
Are you ready to pledge your allegiance to the Ice clan, as a faithful follower of Icyology? 
We live to spread the word of the ice, the way, and the truth.
You've come so far, I wouldn't turn back now. 
It is time for your Cryogenesis, a baptism of sorts. 
During this process, you will reach a temperature of absolute zero.
The colder something is the more potential energy it has,
as such, the colder you become the more energy you will accumulate.

For some, this energy is more than they can handle,
however, if you survive this experience you will be admitted into our secret society, and gain access to our sacred texts.

Farewell to your old self, it's time to be born anew.

# The following pages will appear to be blank until your energy has been adequately charged
# NKS_Ultra Inc. is not liable for any damages to you or your electronic device. 


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