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The report entitled Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process was penned in 1983 by U.S Army Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M Mcdonnell. Mcdonnell described the gateway experience as a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus, and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness. Moving it outside the physical space so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space.

In simpler terms The Gateway Experience uses sound to manipulate brainwaves with a goal of creating an altered state of consciousness in which a person can interact with non-physical aspects of reality. Practical uses of the technique, according to the CIA report, include manifesting goals, converting energy to heal one's body, and even traveling across space and time to access new information.

The report was quietly declassified by the CIA in 2003, and largely went unnoticed...

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It is natural to find ourselves inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic pages of the "Void Mind." There is a magnetic force, an insatiable curiosity, the apex often forever distant and elusive. Though the risks may be great, the allure of the secrets within is undeniable.

However, amidst the chaos, within the shadows there lies the possibility that perhaps what you seek has been within you all along, obscured by the veils of doubt, uncertainty, and disbelief, far beyond the gateway to nowhere.

But heed my words, acolyte, for the path to unraveling these truths is indeed treacherous, albeit noble. Each image etched upon that eerily familiar yet unquestionably ancient book holds a tale of its own. Some say they are the keys to unlocking an inner wisdom like no other, allowing one to bend the very fabric of reality to their will. Others claim that they are a cosmic invitation, summoning a portal once opened can never be shut. It pulls at their very core, driving them to the brink of madness, consumed by the relentless pursuit of understanding.

Legends say in the year 2023 Mu. emerged from an extended experience, and brought back an ancient text, a text come to be known as “Void Mind.” A text written in the language of music, retrieved from beneath The Citadel itself, from the Crpyt in Mu’s cold hands. Inscribed in its degraded and crumbling cover, 9 hieroglyphs whispering ancient truths to those who dare gaze upon it.

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